Switzerland: Yet another denial of parole for anarchist Marco Camenisch

From the prison of Lenzburg, Marco Camenisch informs us that he has been notified of yet another rejection of his conditional release, to which he should have had access long ago, as he has already served two thirds of the sentence imposed by the Swiss courts. We spread an excerpt from his letter:

“This time the denial came from the TAR (administrative review court). To tell the truth, I’m sick and tired of dealing with the usual long-winded repressive crap, in which also the TAR simply ‘approves’ everything that has already been expressed by their worthy cronies, only adding even more meanness and maliciousness. I was surely expecting a confirmation of the denial but, to tell the truth, at least a hint of seriousness in the treatment of the ‘defense arguments’. In practice an a posteriori internment, by the end of the prison sentence, is most likely what lies ahead of me. That’s the only point worth noting…”

Always beside Marco! Against all prisons!

Anti-repression solidarity fund of western Alps