Wow, you are illegal too?

One thing all people have in common: We’re illegal

We crush the grass with our feet, we set fire to the forest, we spit on the ground, we throw garbage onto the streets, we cross the road when the red light is on. We buy contraband cigarettes, we construct houses without permits, we use pirated electricity. We don’t pay tax, we engage in illegal trade, we make fake papers. We skip from school, we pass the exam with a little bit of cheatin, we get high in the toilets. We skive from work, we steal material from the office drawers, and money from the safe. We don’t care about standarts, we don’t do the maintenance of nothing.

Life. It’s 100% natural, no additives.

Against the law-enforcement, against the law makers, against teachers, managers, principals… we are speaking, eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, laughing, crying. We are fighting with each other, playing with each other, making love to each other, we love one another, we are not shaving, not getting showered!

We are cutting the tongues of those who say ” Speaking is forbidden “. A liquid of an undefined red colour is flowing. I guess food coloring?

Advertisements for the insurrection

-Looting. The most joyous shopping

-Steal from the supermarkets, change!

-Breaking the ATMs. What could be more natural than that?

-Burn the car. Just do it.

-Pavement stone. The world’s local reaction.

-Don’t be civilized, be yourself

-Breaking panes of glass. Finger lickin’ good.

-Fake your documents. You care about everything!

-Pirate electricity. This will give you a taste of life!

-Fake your identity. Can we help you with anything else?

-Scratch cars, make yourself happy!

-Slingshot. It’s the simply the best to fight the cops.

-Spray paint is for you, make your own rules!

-Pepper spray is inviting you with its smell…

-Squares. We can’t get enough!

-Resistance. Connecting people!

-Freedom. Because you are worth it!

Mmm, chocolate-covered illegality with whole hazelnuts! You are not you when you are legal!

Who does not get excited about prison escape movies, or movies about bank robbers? Who does not feel secret pleasure when watching deaths, explosions and even blood? Who does not like to kill people in computer games? Who does not wish for apocalypse?

Let the day belong to them, let the night spread everywhere. The deepest desires come out now, nobody can stop the army of the darkness.

The anti-depressants and steet lamps and all others that might want to stop us will not escape from destruction.