Greek prisons: Prisoner in struggle Ergün Mustafa goes on hunger strike in solidarity with Spyros Stratoulis, who is on hunger strike since 11/11

(anarchist demo at Malandrino prison in 2007)

As I mentioned in my previous open letter (here in Greek), I express my solidarity with my brother Spyros Stratoulis, who conducts a hunger strike since November 11th, 2013, and I stand more drastically beside him because today, November 25th, I go on hunger strike to support him. We make these acts, that may seem strange to some people, our own acts, and we warn: we won’t back down for anything, and we take our lives into our own hands. I will be a supporter of Spyros in his battle for acquittal from the charges pressed against him, as well as for getting days of leave from prison again.

Solidarity with hunger striker Spyros Stratoulis.
His demands are also my demands.

Immediate acquittal of Spyros Stratoulis from indictment charges, and re-granting of his exit permits!

Ergün Mustafa
Inmate of Malandrino prison