Germany: At last, Sonja Suder is free!

Having spent more than two years in pretrial detention, 80-year-old Sonja Suder was released on November 12th, 2013 following the court’s decision.

Meeting the prosecutor’s demands, the Frankfurt regional court sentenced her to 3 years and 6 months for involvement in three incendiary attacks in the 1970s. Sonja was acquitted of the raid on the 1975 OPEC conference as the judges were obliged to disregard every false allegation of the snitch Hans-Joachim Klein. Nevertheless, his outright lies were exclusively attributed to his lack of memory! Thus this loyal informant can be called to testify as key witness in any other proceeding. The defense had also requested that testimonies taken in torture-like conditions, such as the statements by Hermann F., be rendered unusable in any future proceedings, but the court dismissed their claim. The State never forgets. Incidentally, neither do we…

Given the time that Sonja had to spend in the Preungesheim prison in Germany, and the prison time she did in France, the comrade was finally able to walk out free. The courtroom was packed, and many more supporters were gathered out of the building. They celebrated Sonja’s release with sparkling wine and music, welcoming her joyfully back in the streets.

Another state farce has come to an end. Much respect to all those in solidarity, who gave them strength to endure the process, and to Sonja, Sibylle and Christian for giving a precious example of absolutely consistent denial of any cooperation with the minions of the State/Capital!

Health and happiness for Sonja and Christian!

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