Thessaloniki: New trial against 6 comrades of Delta squat, that was evicted in September 2012

Delta squat, in Thessaloniki, was violently evicted on the 12th of September 2012. In the subsequent trial-farce, ten arrested comrades received suspended sentences and were ordered to pay fines (7,950 euros in total). One of the arrestees, anarchist immigrant Gustavo Quiroga, remained incarcerated and was even deported to Colombia on the 4th of November. That same month, the Greek State unleashed a new round of prosecutions against 6 of the anarchists that were arrested during the eviction. The 6 comrades are now accused of disturbance of the domestic peace (since 2008), as well as aggravated damages on the building of Delta squat. What’s more, the Alexandreio Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki, which claims legal ownership of the evicted building, is letting it rot while its administrative board is seeking compensation of 3.5 million euros for alleged damages caused by the squatters.

The poster reads:

On the 8th of April 2013, six of the arrestees from Delta squat are called before the Thessaloniki courts, charged with squatting and the amount of 3.500,000 euros for aggravated damages.

They are accused by those who are counting our lives in money and are selling them off to the domestic and foreign capital.

They are accused because of their political choices. They face charges because they have opposed authority and its minions by creating structures of solidarity and counter-attack, aiming at a society of equality based on solidarity, anti-hierarchy and communalism.

The building was maintained by the squatters themselves and delivered to society with the aforementioned political characteristics. Now, after its seizure by the local technological education institute, the building is being wrecked due to abandonment in a period when squatting and our projectualities are more relevant than ever before.

No prosecution against any of the arrestees of Delta squat! Everything goes on.

Solidarity gathering on Monday, 8/4, at 9am in the Thessaloniki courts

Delta squat