Lesvos Island, Greece: Anarchist banner for Sonja Suder’s liberation

The banner reads: “The States are the only terrorists. Release the 80-year-old Sonja Suder”

On September 14th, within the context of international solidarity and antistatist/dissident struggle that knows no boundaries, we responded to the call for Sonja Suder’s liberation. So we made a small intervention at the university building (former ATEbank) in the town of Mytilini, unfolding our banner on its facade as a minimum token of solidarity. We wanted to remind that each and every state repression and regime’s scheme against the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement, in any part of the Earth, affects us all always and everywhere. What’s more, the struggle for life and freedom does not know (and should not know) any borders.

Not one step back. Faced with state terrorism, we build mounds against whatever wants us enslaved or attempts to commercialize our lives and shatter our dreams. We will not give up without a fight.

Until the night when the last frontier and the last prison will collapse. Until the day when no one will dominate, nor anybody will be dominated. And do not make the mistake to say that we are few, because we are not; but even if we were… we are definitely determined. We are coming…

Informal Anarchist Organization-Lesvos Cell