[Germany] International call for Sonja Suder’s liberation


September the 14th of 2013 – Let’s all mobilize everywhere to protest against the legitimization of torture in Sonja Suder’s trial and for her liberation.

September the 14th of 2011, Sonja and her friend Christian have been extradited by France to be given to German cops and jailed. Christian has been freed since but Sonja is still in jail. They left Germany in 1978 when, after a fierce repression of the revolutionary movements, every person involved in the radical protest could fear being the target of State revenge.

For two years, Sonja has been in custody in the high-security district of the prison Frankfurt-Preungesheim ; for a year she’s been enduring a trial grounded on two testimonies: one from a penitent given against a remission, the other given under torture in 1978 by a man suspected to belong to the Revolutionary Cells (RZ). If the penitent [snitch] Hans-Joachim Klein testified without shame in the Frankfurt court to give the umpteenth version of a testimony full of nonsense and contradictions (that the judge thinks worth considering anyway), Hermann F., on the contrary, always protested against the elements standing in the cross-examination he has been through: these elements are just the result of four months of torture outside of any procedural frame.

After a very serious accident he was cross-examined just after he was legs-amputated and blind in both eyes. Pain, trauma, drugs, isolation, confusion, disorientation have been exploited to make him fill 1300 pages of forced declarations. Illegally detained in a police station without a lawyer, without any help, suddenly blind and seriously impaired, what he has been through can be only called torture.

The 13th of August 2013, the Frankfurt court began the reading of these cross-examinations reports which Hermann has been subjected to in 1978. These reading is to be continued in the next sessions. The 80-years-old Sonja, more than 35 after the fact she’s accused of, could be sentenced on the ground of these declarations which use is legitimization of police torture by court.

Sonja has been prosecuted by German police and justice since the end of 1970′s. Suspected of having belonged to the Revolutionary Cells, her trial is about three attacks which have only caused limited material damages in 1977 and 1978 : against M.A.N. who contributed to atomic armament for South Africa (during Apartheid); against KSB who built pumps for nuclear power plants ; against the Heidelberg castle to protest against gentrification ; She’s also suspected having taken part in the logistical organization of the attack against OPEC in Vienna in 1975.

Today, by making her undergo jail, trial, the threat of ending her life in jail, the federal State doesn’t aim only at Sonja. The State wants to get rid of a revolutionary history and make people sure that you can’t protest with impunity.

Sonja’s sentence will be rebellion’s sentence : by refusing to be put down and to talk she’s still accusing the State and its carnival of justice. Sonja’s incarceration will be a scare-crow which is used to scare all those who fight today. It’s not a 80-years-old woman they want to get rid of, they want to get rid of all those who, like her, could have the will not to be submitted.


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