Bremen, Germany: Deutsche Telekom van torched and Siemens car destroyed

In the night from 29 to 30 of May 2013 we set fire to the Telekom parking lot which is located on Mary-Somerville-Str. (close to the university), to burn down a Telekom vehicle.

Deutsche Telekom is only one of the many inhumane firms. They acquired large shares of the Greek OTE already years ago, and then kicked out 2,000 people in a time that Telekom was making enormous profits. They even undertook the role of security authority, with several attempts of OTE against Indymedia Athens, until the media project’s connectivity to its server was turned off in April 2013 under threats and extortions. Indymedia Athens has been an important platform particularly for the social revolts.

Telekom has also its place in the civil–military cooperation. The 100% owned subsidiary company T-System plays a key role in war machinery, and has been jointly responsible for the defense technology industry for decades. Also, T-System provides information and communication technique for use of weapons, and takes care of telephone networks of Bundeswehr (the German military) as well as military satellite communication and fiber optic cabling in warships.

At the same time, in the district of Walle, a vehicle belonging to the Siemens firm was hit on the corner of Brabantstr. with Osterlingerstr., and was rendered useless with paint bombing.

Siemens is another actor in the armament industry. For example, they made a contract with Bundeswehr and IBM in order to bring the Hercules Project into being. One aspect of this project is supporting the German military with information technology for their tasks in the fields of administration and logistics.

Companies like Deutsche Telekom or Siemens earn profit with war, suffering, extortion and suppression. This we will not accept.

We stand in solidarity with all actions against Telekom. We greet the comrades in Athens. Attack armament corporations and war profiteers in Bremen and everywhere!

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