Argentina: Claim of responsibility for incendiary attacks against cars in Buenos Aires

We are proud to say that we are part of the current social war in the territory dominated by the Argentine State, sabotaging the instruments that are most highly valued by civilized beings: Cars.

Amigxs de la Tierra have carried out incendiary attacks against luxury cars in the most capitalist neighbourhoods of the Federal Capital; despite the fact that the 45th Argentine Federal Police station claims to have detained a ‘car-burner’, twelve hours later, a high-end car was torched just around the corner from the police and fire stations.

Non-luxury cars that our flames reached ran the same risk as the others because that’s how things go, and the private security in Villa Devoto and Villa Urquiza know very well by now; surely no one was told new Alfa Romeos burned in Devoto — instead of the Chevrolet Corsa [a budget model -trans.] in Recoleta while they took out the Citroën C4 from the back [a luxury brand. -trans.] — and an Eco Sport SUV was set on fire five blocks away.

That BMW which made it on TV wasn’t the only thing that burned in Villa Urquiza, nor was the car dealership at 6700 Avenida San Martín the only recipient of an incendiary attack; there was also the one located on 7000 Avenida San Martín.

Our strength and determination come from each one of the comrades who became conscious that we don’t have to wait any longer for the conditions to be ripe for attack. The proper conditions begin in the moment at which we go on the offensive. If we stop to wait, the only thing that can happen is the opposite of what we thought would be the best thing to happen.

Social control, exerted by Power and authority, is intended to terrorize us with judgments and punishments, attempting to make of every citizen a potential police officer. We cannot let this stand. Disobedience is a good exercise to reach toward freedom and understand a little more of the reality in which we live, a reality based on death and the misery of enslavement to a way of thinking and doing things that has domesticated society to the point of considering itself free.

As lovers of freedom that we are, we are also reminded that many of our comrades in action are currently prisoners.

Health and long live Anarchy!

Friends of the Earth / Informal Anarchist Federation