Koblenz, Germany: Solidarity action for liberated spaces


Today (10/2) several activists expressed their solidarity with the campaign for a Black February 2013. Here is the text which was passed out:

“A worldwide campaign in solidarity with liberated spaces is taking place between the 2nd and the 12th of February 2013.

The State bombards liberated spaces with all kinds of attacks and repression, and not only in Greece. Many of our self-organized liberated spaces are being raided or evicted, our infrastructure is often destroyed, and our counter-information media are censored or hindered.

Also along the Rhine it is vastly coming to a boil, be it about the AZ Köln (Autonomous Space Cologne), which is threatened with eviction, or the SJZ in Siegburg, which is being bullied by the local public order force (Ordnungsamt); be it about people from Squat Mainz Group, who are being criminalized because they squatted the Haus Mainusch on Obere Austraße 7 in Mainz, another project under eviction threat, or the criminalization of the LiZ campaign for libertarian centres in Bonn, or the sheer lack of self-organized liberated spaces in the city of Koblenz and its surroundings.

On the one hand, we want to express our solidarity with liberated spaces that are currently threatened worldwide; on the other hand, we wish to set off the avalanche for liberated spaces here, in Koblenz.

Wake up! Jump in! Get wild –> Squat the World.”

At the same time, as happened last week in the city of Trier, the activists also addressed in detail the situation of antifascists from Remagen, who are massively targeted by repression (related info in German here).