Santiago, $hile: Memory and combat

This Sunday, February 3rd, we came out on the street in force to broadcast onto one of the walls of the CSO (Squatted Social Centre) Sacco y Vanzetti so that we keep alive the memory and that no space will die in a bastardized judicial archive; memory as a weapon is realized from the streets and in each everyday action. This action is a response to the international call-out for a Black February and to recall that the past month of January we commemorated one more year of the construction of a space that pointed to Power and its lackeys.

We make a call-out so that this month we may support squatted and autonomous spaces in every corner of the world, and encourage comrades to continue to open up spaces where anarchy is germinated and propagated as well as the anti-authoritarian idea and practice.

Some Anarchist Individualities


An irreducible salute to comrades in prison or escape
within the social war of this world

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