Crete: Video by Candia::Alternativa in solidarity with squats and fighters

Perhaps the day is approaching
when flags will be waving to the rhythm of the wind
when the wind will whistle to the liberation’s beat.

Perhaps the day is approaching
when we’ll smell the ashes of all the peoples’ prison cells.

And as soon as time reads zero, it will be the time for the raving mad
those who moved against logic, against what smiling killers used to call moral.

And the dead will come (those who were never gone)
to show us the way, to shout at us
those who were human, drawing a circle around the upper-case A…

poem from the collection ‘Antinous – You whispered rebellion to me,
and I heard freedom’ (March 2012)

Solidarity with squats, stekia (hangouts),
self-organized/self-managed spaces and those who struggle…

(((●))) Candia :: Alternativa
Independent alternative space of counter-information in Crete, Greece
February 2013

translated by contra info in the context of the campaign for a Black February