Athens: Responsibility claim for three-day arson barrage

January 15th, 2013

Every time you assault us, we shall strike back.

You evict our buildings, imprison our comrades, and attack our demonstrations. We set fire to your offices, your banks and your service branches. You repress the subversive, radical movement in order to ‘sell’ peace, order and security. You launch attacks against us because you want to wink at your right-wing voters who are deviating from your ranks towards the chrissi avgi/golden dawn, in order to show them that you are equally fascist. You try to maintain your domination by investing in dealing with the ‘anomie/lawlessness’. You fight us only to hide your most despicable scandals, your corruption and involvement/bribing in business deals. You condemn violence while you throw entire populations into misery. We plan the end of your world. We already lay the foundations for our own civilization, and we continuously expand. We do not wish to have any relation with your rotten values. Solidarity, freedom, equality. These are our principles. Get your hands off our undertakings and our comrades. Your efforts to halt our expansion will fall on deaf ears. This was shown by the protest march on Saturday 12/1; this was shown by the flaming nights prior to today.

We claim responsibility for the three-day incendiary attacks (on Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday, 11-13/1)

– on local branches of the following organizations:
the Nea Dimokratia party’s offices in Dafni, Halandri, Glyfada, Argyroupoli and Kypseli,
the PASOK party’s offices in Glyfada,
the Public Power Corporation’s offices in Menidi

– on ATMs of bank branches:
in Vyronas (two ATMs in the same district), Nea Smyrni, Neo Iraklio, Kaisariani (two ATMs in the same district), Kypseli, Papagou, and Drapetsona (two ATMs in the same district)

– two bank branches in Kaisariani

– a car of the diplomatic corps in Elliniko

– a vehicle of the Hellenic Post (ELTA) in Ilion

– and, finally, a cop’s motorcycle in Zografou.

Solidarity to the squats Villa Amalias, Skaramaga and Lelas Karagianni, and the comrades who are prosecuted.

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