Vyronas, Athens: Burning barricades and attack against the municipal building in solidarity with Villa Amalias

The state dogs invaded the squats anew;
we’ll set Athens on fire, that’s what we’ll do.

In the early morning hours of January 10th, we interrupted the traffic flow at the intersection of Karaoli and Dimitriou streets, in the district of Vyronas, we put garbage cans in the middle of the road and set them on fire. We painted slogans in solidarity with squats and threw paints on the facade of the local city hall. It was a minimum token of solidarity with Villa Amalias squat and our arrested comrades.*

If only our homes were like squats…


* Out of those arrested on 9/1, after the re-occupation of Villa Amalias squat, 93 people are still being held and threatened with felony charges. They were brought to the Athens courts, but were taken back to the police headquarters in the evening of January 10th. Meanwhile, it was confirmed that several items from inside Villa Amalias were loaded on trucks at noon and then removed from the building.