Athens: Solidarity with squats and self-organized spaces

“Solidarity with squats, self-organized undertakings and struggling people”
“Squats are part of social struggles – Solidarity with Delta squat” / “We are the first raindrops of a coming storm”

Main text for the demonstration in solidarity with squats, which was held on 1.12.2012 on the streets of downtown Athens, starting from Victoria square:


In a legality that is plundering our lives, we remain clusters of illegality.

Squats and self-organized social centres are parts of the liberated timespace. They are utopian cracks in the midst of a process of social desolation that the dominators are trying to impose. They are social bulwarks against fascism. Within them they harbor the seed of subversion. In these spaces we experiment with the structures that we dream about. We try to promote the anti-commercial and self-organized expression through gigs and theatre performances. We create zones of counter-information through radio stations and internet projects. We develop the collective self-education with open-for-all lessons. We develop social solidarity with infirmaries and collective kitchens. In this way we are slowly trying, in every city and neighbourhood, to create and promote the kind of relationships and ideas that will overthrow this reign of slavery that has been imposed upon us.

The suppression of Delta squat (in Thessaloniki), plus the attacks against self-organized projects throughout Greece (e.g. Draka squat in Corfu, Apertus squat in Agrinio, Aphroditis 8 occupied social centre in Veria)—and it makes no difference at all whether the attacks are part of the official government line or part of the paramilitary organizations’ activities—are just another addition to the long list of assaults against society, the crowning points being the anti-labour and anti-social measures that they have been enforcing these past few years. The continuous and exemplary attack of the State and the Capital against all those who resist has as its target the terrorization and the end of every subversive practice and voice. By using as their weaponry disorientation and fear, they are trying to transform us into tamed subjects, so that they’ll pave their way towards their goal, the totalitarian society.

coordination of squats, self-organized spaces and social centres of Athens,

sources: i, ii / more photos from the demo here