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Turkey: Anti-war protest in İstanbul

Sit-in at Galatasaray Square

On Thursday, October 4th, 2012 thousands of people took to the streets of İstanbul and raised the voice of peace against global capitalists’ aims in Middle East. The war politics of the Turkish State continue unobstructed, not only in the current war with Syria, but also in the 30-year hostilities against the Kurdish struggle.

Demonstrators held an evening gathering in Taksim square to protest the new act of the Turkish military after the bombings against Syria (in early October). Then, the anti-war march passed though central streets and ended in Galatasaray square, where people carried out a sit-in demonstration.

The Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF) participated in the march, carrying a banner that read “Capitalism kills at war but also in peace”. Anarchists shouted slogans such as “All States are murderers”, “Rebellion, revolution, anarchy” and “State wars kill people”.

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