Athens: Responsibility claim for arson attacks on private vehicles of cops


Following the summer campaign against immigrants, sarcastically named ‘Xenios Zeus’ that continues nationwide to date, with tens of thousands of detentions and arrests, the enemy within was targeted for repression and compliance, just as expected.

So, after the first ‘warm-up’ with the Hollywoodian invasion of special anti-riot and anti-terrorist police forces (MAT and EKAM) in Delta squat, in Thessaloniki, now is the time of strikers and antifascist demonstrators. On September 26th, day of general strike,[i] the pre-gatherings of popular assemblies received repressive blows in the areas of Zografou and Aghios Dimitrios, fighters were beaten and arrested, and their photos were publicly released. The thousands of strikers had to put up with the same and worse shit during the demonstration, in a climate of relentless police violence.

On September 30th an antifascist motorcycle patrol was attacked by the contemporaries of Bourandas,[ii] the rampageous DELTA police teams that rushed to defend their ideological friends, who had prior received a justified treatment by the antifascists. The operation resulted to serious injury of comrades and arrest of 15 people among them. The next day, while the arrestees in the police headquarters (GADA) had been beaten again and tortured, with the renown sadism that permeates the praetors of the Greek police, the solidarity gathering in the—‘sterilized’ and suitable for the circumstances—courts on Evelpidon street was attacked without provocation, and there were more lesions and four additional arrests as a result.

The country’s transformation into a Latin American type of regime reminding us of other eras—of being put ‘in plaster’, if one didn’t understand right away[iii]—was also demonstrated by the prohibition of processions and assemblages in large parts of Attica on October 9th, ordered by the Athens police chief, as well as the orgy of preemptive detentions made on the streets, in front of fighters’ houses and at public transport stations before, during and after the protests against the visit of Kaiser Merkel in Athens; and this development will not be tolerated.

That’s why on the 8th and 9th of October we did our part to torch private cars and motorcycles of cops in the following districts:
∙ 2 motorcycles on Eressou street in Exarchia
∙ 1 vehicle on Leosthenous street in Peristeri
∙ 2 motorcycles on Lyttis street in Egaleo
∙ 1 vehicle on Sporadon street in Kypseli

On this occasion, let us remind the police that this action is only the beginning; and they’re being targeted regardless of their ‘feats’. We will attack them in every way and by any means deemed necessary each time.



i Next general strike was announced for October 18th, 2012.
ii Nikos Bourandas was the head of a motorists’ department of the Greek police during the Axis occupation of Greece, a notorious Nazi collaborator in Athens–Piraeus.
iii During the military dictatorship (1967–74), colonels were describing the country as a ‘patient put in plaster’ to cure the disease of anarchy and communism.