Athens, Free radio 98FM: Party of financial aid – September 21st

Although this call concerns a party at a local level, this sort of initiative can give an example of self-organization, especially in what concerns free radio stations and necessary infrastructure:

After years of self-improvement, ‘Radiozones of Subversive Expression’ (broadcasting on both 93.8fm and 98.0fm) aspire to advance our technical level concerning sound quality, audio recording, live streaming and, naturally, to increase our fm range.

Now that we’re transmitting on two different frequencies and maintaining two studios, the replacement and upgrading of our technical equipment becomes an even more difficult task. For this reason, we invite you on Friday, September 21st, to the radio station’s party at Lycabettus Hill ‘rooftop’ to exchange ideas about ways of factual participation in the radio station, but also to play the music we love.

Apart from financial aid, you are invited to bring any technical equipment you wish to offer us, from audio devices, PA systems, computer parts and radio broadcast equipment, to any sort of tools and material.

Radiozones of Subversive Expression

The poster reads:

You try to bury it… but you forget that it’s a seed.
Counter-information cannot be silenced.

September 21st, Lycabettus Hill ‘rooftop’: Party of financial aid for upgrading the radio station’s technical equipment. We welcome any contribution of radio/audio and stockroom equipment (pc components, headsets, amplifiers, loudspeakers, microphones, etc.).

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