Italy: Note of regarding two communiqués by the eight prisoners of ‘Operation Boldness (Ardire)’ against the publication of the Ordinance of remand in custody

We are sorry that the publication of the Ordinance has been a cause for so many polemics. In fact, we did so* on the recommendation of the companion of one woman among the prisoners. We apologize and hope the incident is resolved.

We regret that the only information must be kept always by the enemy.

Raw translation of both communiqués by Stefano, Sergio, Alessandro, Giuseppe and Paola, Katia, Elisa, Giulia can be found here.

* deleted introductory phrases in their related call for solidarity and dissemination of the case (original statement was released on June 28th) and also removed from their download section the case file’s pdf —ordinanza di custodia cautelare, which is a state document initially disclosed on June 13th by media such as