Greece: 6,400 migrants detained by police in largest ever pogrom operation in the centre of Athens

In the past few days, police have been conducting their largest ever pogrom operation in the centre of Athens. According to the released information, 1,500 people were detained by police in the first two days of the operation (August 2-3) and another 4,900 in its third day alone (August 4). The operation has been taking place in Athens and in Evros, at the NE border with Turkey. At least 1,630 people have been arrested and are facing deportation.

In an Orwellian twist, the racist pogrom operation has been named “Zeus Xenios” — the ancient god of travelers and hospitality. The crackdown continued on Sunday, August 5th. It appears that the latest operation is centred around Omonia Square, Monastiraki area, Mars’ Fields (Pedion tou Areos) and Vathis Square, all in central Athens. As Occupied London reports, the police stop, search and detain all migrants in their path, regardless of whether or not they carry documents.

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