Greece: Responsibility claim for sabotage of CCTV cameras in the city of Volos

During the past month, we destroyed 14 private surveillance cameras in the wider area of Volos.

CCTV cameras are the technological support of the security dogma. They are the practical implementation of the Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ society. They are intended to impose, either in an insidious and subtle way, or in an open and audacious one, the acceptance of supervision and surveillance, of law and order. And if the public-state cameras consist a power display of a State, of a system which strives to expand like canker to every sphere and field of life, the private ones (in houses and stores) are the proof that up to a certain extent the State/system has made it happen. In other words, if it is detestable, but expected that CCTV cameras are one more tool of domination, it is slimy and subservient that they’re also used by its subjects. Tolerance and indulgences—especially in times like the ones we live—offer domination a breath of life, stealing life from those who fight against Power.

Neither society, nor the People are an icon to which we bend over while lighting a candle. When they, consciously or not, play the role of the State completing its work, they should be treated in an equivalent way. Individual or collective initiatives, efforts of aggressive action for the destruction of the prevailing Nothing, will constantly emerge and spread.

And if, due to these practices, some people get scared of losing the convenient—for them—slave chains, then it must be said that the reproduction of violent authoritative normality terrorizes each day many more —or at least tries to do so.

The consolidation of oppression is, to us, a reciprocal relationship reproduced between domination and society as a whole that is imbued with authoritative behaviours. The cowardice and inertia of the mass is needed for domination to maintain exploitation. The bosses have acquired slaves and submissives who kiss their arm while they beat them with it.

What we prompt is total attack on the existent. We recognize our enemy not only in the state apparatus but also in the existing society. The boundaries between them are quite indistinct. Power has pervaded in every part of society. Domination has encamped on consciences. We are opposing the whole plexus of relationships, attitudes and formal or informal institutions expressed in every field of everyday life that actively or passively perpetuate the existent. Our offensive targets normality, voluntary serfdom, sneaking and consciences in uniform; the masters but also their submissives, selfishness and personal step up in capitalism, inertia and indifference as life stance, racism and sexist mentalities and behaviours.

Nothing more disgusting and insidious than the reputable citizen who goes after a bank robber, nothing more detested than the voluntary snitch who will dial the known phone numbers of the anti-terrorist unit having been an ‘eyewitness’ of an armed attack or a bombing conducted by a revolutionary organization, or even a suspicious move. We are filled with rage against the small-time bosses that have the look of a thousand cardinals and, in the most arrogant way, demonstrate their power on their employees; rage and disgust for the ‘honoured working class hero’ that comes back from work and takes his frustration out on his wife and children; against any kind of Greek-hearted patriots who would chase after the ‘illegal’ immigrant street vendor; against every ‘legal’ immigrant who would seek their place in the Greek petite bourgeoisie, reproducing attitudes they had also endured in the past but now unleash against immigrants ‘without papers’.

We are filled with rage and disgust for the armies of voluntary serfs…

We, on our part, have chosen to be at the camp of Revolution; at the same camp to which our imprisoned comrades, members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, are committed. It’s been nearly a year since the last arrests of the organization’s members in Nea Ionia of Volos, when we had experienced the antiterrorist operation with the assistance of local subordinate pigs, and already prosecutors and interrogators set up a series of court cases against them. Democracy retaliates, deploying judges, cops, prosecutors, prison guards, journalists against them. Facing this mob, the CCF members maintain a dignified, unsparing and proud position.

This position of theirs fills us with courage and inexhaustible desire to continue the struggle. With hunger strikes, an attempted escape, constant denial of humiliating prison searches, by carrying on dialectically the internationalization of guerrilla warfare and solidarity through the Informal Anarchist Federation/ International Revolutionary Front (FAI-IRF) project, they declare that nothing is over, and everything continues, without stepping even 1mm back.

Comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, we address to you a cordial greeting and our factual solidarity. Our solidarity to those prosecuted for the same case, to anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos and all who are prosecuted for their subversive action.

PS. As we write these lines, comrade and CCF member Olga Ekonomidou is being held in a solitary confinement cell with CCTV camera in Diavata prisons, after her disciplinary prison transfer and refusal to undergo the humiliating strip search.

Let’s demolish all prisons and the isolation regime enforced on our comrades.

Collaboration for sabotage and vandalism