Greece: Solidarity poster and callout for imprisoned anarchist Olga Ekonomidou

Prison abolition is what we fight for, since the prison system is only meant to isolate and exterminate people. Even by their own laws, any inmate’s isolation from the general prison population cannot exceed 10 consecutive days. But Olga has been in disciplinary/solitary confinement since May 4th, 2012, punished for defending her dignity and opposing strip searching. It must be noted that, after taking off their clothes, women are also obliged to squat so that the prison guards can look into their vaginal cavity (supposedly for anti-drug controls).

Solidarity with anarchist Olga Ekonomidou, member of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, who is being held in solitary confinement in Diavata women’s prisons because she refused to undergo the humiliating nude strip search.

“I myself chose an active stance in a world of passivity. I chose to actively participate in a revolutionary organization. I did not follow anyone, nor was I carried away by something. I made a choice. I was present at discussions, decisions, actions, and now at pay time. I took responsibility for my acts, even though I could have taken advantage of my identity as a woman and thus receive a more favorable treatment. But how dignified would that be?
Throughout history, a woman who is engaged in revolutionary undertakings in fact manages to repeal two roles at once. On the one hand, she consciously abolishes her identity as a legal person, questioning laws and order, and on the other hand she abolishes her identity as a woman, surpassing the concept of gender roles (mom, wife, chick) that society has attributed to her.”
(from Olga’s letter in June 2011)

Assembly of solidarity with the R.O. CCF and those prosecuted for the same case

Comrades of the same assembly have also spread a callout for Tuesday, June 5th, at 12.00 (GMT+2), when a protest gathering-intervention is due to take place as token of solidarity with Olga Ekonomidou at the ministry of “Justice, Transparency and Human Rights”, located on 96, Mesogeion Avenue, Athens (pre-gathering by 11.30 outside the Katehaki metro station).