Athens: Deadliness of the neo-Nazism “epidemic”

According to an eyewitness report on Indymedia Athens, a cold blooded knife attack of a self-proclaimed fascist against a Pakistani immigrant occurred in Athens metro:

“On May 28th, 2012, at night, inside the electric railway subway station in Omonia square, an immigrant was attacked without any provocation whatsoever by a goldendawner (supporter of the neo-Nazi party of Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn).

I’m an eyewitness of the incident which occurred at about 11pm on 28/5 in the Omonia subway station, on the train heading to Kifissia. A white man with ‘trendy’-rebetiko outfit, about 1.75 meters tall, 30 to 35-years-old with black beard, wearing a gray cowboy-style checkered hat and carrying a bag for bouzouki at his back, attacked an immigrant from Pakistan almost fatally with a jack knife.

Note that when I asked him who he was and why he attacked the man, he replied saying ‘I’m a goldendawner; he insulted my mother…’ As I was entering the train (from another entrance from which the incident occurred) voices were heard as several passengers were crying out for help. The neo-Nazi ripper had stabbed the victim to the neck and abdomen. The murderer with great composure (he was neither shaking, nor sweating) came off the train walking slowly and steadily, and as the thug ascended the stairs, he spoke out the words I mentioned above.

The police arrived almost 10 minutes later, while the ambulance arrived 15 minutes after the murderous attempt; the perpetrator had already fled. People took photos of the immigrant lying injured, so anyone who may have such documents is kindly requested to upload them.

Self-organization everywhere; smash the fascists in every neighbourhood; solidarity with immigrants.”