Athens: Two-day event on social resistance in Exarchia

Social resistance in Exarchia
Personal testimonies and historical background
Video screenings/Audio documents/Photography and printed material exhibition
26/27 May 2012, Exarchia Square

Saturday 26th (1850-1980)
The unofficial history of Exarchia: slogans, stencils, messages on walls. Open-air stencil workshop.
20:00 Narrations of the Axis Occupation (Katochi), the December-1944 events (Dekemvriana), the military dictatorship, the metapolitefsi by Manos Zaharias, Giannis Felekis, Kostis Triantafillou.

Sunday 27th (1980-2012)
Comrades’ testimonies on 80s, 90s, and from 2000 to date.
21:00 “What do we do today?” Discussion on today’s political and social reality in Exarchia.

“Assembly against social cannibalism”
In case of rain, the event will be held next week


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