London: Complicity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons

On the afternoon of April 21st, various individuals, pushed by a desire to express solidarity with our anarchist comrades on hunger strike in Greek prisons, took banners and fliers into some streets of London to celebrate the rebel values of dignity and the struggle for freedom.

We also gave out the leaflet ‘Where there is dignity there is revolt – Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons’ —read the pdf.

The area, Peckham, south London, was the scene of strong rebellion in the August 2011 riots, a struggle which we and many of the people we encountered valorize and wish to extend. Police and the media have been working assiduously to extinguish rebellious passions and create a climate of submission and suspicion, condemning the rebels and rewarding snitching, leading to thousands of arrests and centuries of prison, under a manufactured public veneer of citizenist approval.

By coming out on that rainy afternoon we found confirmation of what we are already convinced —that a conspiracy of rebel hearts exists, whose infinite aspirations for freedom go beyond all prisons and control structures. At times momentary encounters pierced the shroud of urban isolation, upturned the earth of the graveyard of habit to reveal glimpses of the possibility of a future collusion of defiant spirits.

We don’t need to wait for the next cop murder to arm our rage and aim at the enemy.


Revolutionary solidarity is not just words
Complicity with the hunger strikers
For the destruction of the existent