Syntagma Square, Athens: Solidarity gathering with the February 12th arrestees


banner made by the square assembly of Keratsini, one of the solidarity banners that protesters placed around Syntagma yesterday, with different slogans calling for the immediate release of the 4 remanded in custody since February 12th

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Nearly 400 people participated in the PA’s gathering on Tuesday evening, April 3rd, 2012, at Syntagma Square (near the brothel called parliament). This action was carried out in solidarity with the four protesters who are held captive before trial for almost two months already. The gathering was called after coordination between several assemblies that are active in different neighbourhoods, open-air spaces and squares in the city. It was also meant as a first joint response by collectivities and people’s assemblies to every ‘journalist’ that serves as the mouthpiece of the State and in particular of the anti-terrorist unit, thus promoting the criminalization of fighters and self-managed social struggles, and the persecution of public gatherings, as was the recent case of the attempted incrimination against the open assembly of Holargos–Papagou.

Among participants were people from assemblies in Keratsini, Peristeri, Kaisariani, Aghios Dimitrios, Aghia Paraskevi, Ilioupoli, Victoria Square, Kypseli–Patissia, Maroussi, Halandri, residents of Vrilissia and Ampelokipoi, as well as the student union of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering —fellow students of Panagiotis K., one of the 4 arrestees.* Texts were shared out to passersby, messages of solidarity and struggle were read through the sound system, and solidarity banners were placed in the square. It is more than clear that the ranks of cops and prosecutors want to give an ‘exemplary’ punishment to the 4 captive comrades, aiming at the intimidation and eventual restraint of the hundreds of thousands who fought back by all means and resisted oppression during the protest mobilizations in February, which culminated on the 12th. Moreover, the State is targeting all those who still take to the streets in self-organized ways…

But we were all there; we are all in complicity.

Absolution of all protesters who were detained on the three-day mobilizations in February – Immediate release of the 4 hostages of February 12th – No tolerance for the rats who collaborate with the regime. Not a step back!
Freedom for all the prisoners of war!

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