İstanbul: Everybody on Serhildan against State’s prohibition

The clashes between police and people who wanted to celebrate Newroz started at Pazartekke tram station in İstanbul. After the intervention of repressive forces, the resisters set up barricades. The other attack of the cops occurred in Zeytinburnu. Police attacked with tear gas the audience (where also Kurdish parlamenters were in). But police terror was nearly everywhere in the city. A person was murdered by the cops in the neighbourhood of Arnavutköy, where police used guns to prevent people from going to the celebration arena in Kazlıçeşme. There were many injured protesters as well.

The word Newroz is Kurdish for Nowrūz (‘New Day’), the New Year holiday in Kurdish society. People celebrate this feast from 18th till 21st of March. It is one of the few ‘people’s celebrations’ that has survived and predates all the major religious festivals. During this festival, Kurds gather mostly outside cities to welcome spring, dancing around fire and jumping over it. This year’s Newroz was dedicated to those murdered by the State in Roboski.

^ Serhildan stands for ‘rebellion’ / source: anarşi haber