Athens: Antifascist concentration in trial against fascists

Georgios Markoulakis aged 50, Themis-Evangelia Skordeli aged 48,
Ioannis Loukianos aged 31

On March 20th the aforementioned individuals, nostalgic for the SS era, will go on trial in Evelpidon courts for the murderous knife attack against two immigrants in the neighbourhood of Aghios Panteleimonas. These are some of the known ‘indignant residents’ who appear in neighbourhoods of the city centre, and as new ‘assault battalions’ launch attacks with knives and batons on anyone that has a different colour or speaks a language other than Greek. They are those who participate actively in Nazi organizations with connections to spaces of security guards and extortionists, such as Christos Rigas, Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn candidate MP and owner of the bar ‘Pyles/Gates’ in Aghios Panteleimonas, who is accused of carrying out contract killings and murdering two people. They are the ones who wear the cloak of ‘residents’ committees’ or ‘legitimate political parties’ and attempt to impose an apartheid regime in the neighbourhoods of Aghios Panteleimonas and Attiki Square. And all this occurs always with the collaboration of the Greek police that, besides the clean-up operations and crackdowns, have committed dozens of beatings and robberies against immigrants in the same area.

The action of all kinds of fascists is aligned with the state plans and the dominant propaganda of the mainstream media, which target immigrants as responsible for all the ills that afflict society. The fascist rhetoric tries to break through the joint resistance of locals and immigrants in a period of systemic crisis, when increasingly larger segments of the population are being impoverished because of the violent attack of the State and the bosses. At the same time, the biggest part of the political spectrum — either with right-wing or left-wing rhetoric — is reinforcing the patriotic character of opposition to the new measures, promoting the national unity at the expense of class consciousness.

The struggle against the plunder of our lives passes through the joint organization and action of the oppressed, locals and immigrants, passes through the organization of our social class counterattack. Until we make the fascist dregs fall off the face of the earth, until we build up a society without State and bosses, a society without exploitation and exclusions.

Me must crush all those who are sowing the poison of nationalism and racism
in everyday life, in our lives and neighbourhoods.

Concentration at Evelpidon courts
Tuesday, March 20th, 9am

anarchists, antifascists


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