Croatia: Eighth Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb – bookfair program & short report by a3yo

The Eighth Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb will take place from March 30th to April 1st, 2012

Bookfair program

Friday, March 30th, 2012

15:00 – 21:00
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7, see MAP)

Bookfair – come and check the books of different publishers, free materials from various groups, newspapers, magazines…

16:00 – 17:00
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

Radical activism or struggle for equality

Discussion is organized by group Stop specizmu.

Key points of lecture will be: What are animal rights? What is speciesism? Basic of animal rights, non-speciesist activism, welfarist activism, direct liberation of animals.

Lecture will be based on basic theory of animal rights, veganism as movement and it’s connection with other social movements and discriminations, and on most important aspect of it which can bring about change – non-speciesist activism.

After short lecture there will be discussion on activities of animalist groups and our relation to other animals, and how to create better world for all its inhabitants – human and non-human.

17:30 – 19:00
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

History of anarchism in our region

Anarchist history of our region was rich and very dynamic in some periods of time, activities were developing in cooperation and with influence from other countries, while lively communication was important, as well as exchange of ideas. There were publishing projects, newspapers, protests were organized, actions, even assassinations, and influence of anarchists and anarchism on culture was great.

Still, anarchist history of this region is mostly unknown, informations are not available or are just small details in various sources. We can’t say that there was always continuous activity, but anarchist ideas were always present, no matter how great obstacles were there, being dictatorship, wars, bans…

Discussion that we would like to start on history is has aim to give short overview of some key events, but also to open discussion on problem of writing history, sources, how is that history connected in region where we share language, culture and history itself, which never happened isolated within this or that borders that changed so often, but never managed to stop spreading and development of anarchist ideas.

What we would like to discuss, in different historical times, is relation to different currents in First International, question of national liberation, relation to Marxism and Russian socialism, relation to industrialization and development of modern society, and one focus would be why anarchism never developed in mass movement and what caused spread of Marxism.

19:00 – 20:00
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

Assassinator’s shots – Jelena Ilka Markovic i Luka Jukic – two sketches for portrait

History is written by the victors, so it’s not surprise that some events stay hidden, mainly those that almost killed those “victors”. Two sketches for portrait of “failed” assassinators from former Yugosalv region, shots aimed at rulers – that missed it’s target – give us idea that, if they didn’t miss, they would change course of history. If they didn’t miss, she, Serbian assassinator Jelena Ilka Markovic, and he, young student from Sarajevo, Luka Jukic, wouldn’t end up forgotten in dust of historical archives. Two portraits of determinant assassinators, viewed in context of political situation in Serbia at the end of 19th century and Croatia at the beginning of 20th century, give us different perspective on known history.

(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

SVAKI TRK-KORAK – nad(za)zorni video rad

Video dealing with surveillance, cameras and control.

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

10:00 – 15:00
(square of Nikola Subic Zrinski)

Bookfair moves on the square and in case of bad weather, it stays in gallery.

15:00 – 20:00
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

Bookfair come and check the books of different publishers, free materials from various groups, newspapers, magazines…

16:00 – 16:30
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

Recent anarchist movements in Estonia and upcoming BAM (Baltic Anarchist Meeting)

16:30 – 17:30
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

The Network(ed) Revolution: Information and Communication Technologies and Social Movements

We live in an age of fast and fundamental changes. Since the 1990s, capitalism and the western model of parliamentary democracy powered by globalization and information and communication technologies have first entered the Eastern Bloc, then Far East, and now they are slowly but surely questioning totalitarian regimes in the Arab world. We also live in the age of the network. According to Castells, the Internet is the fabric of our lives. If information technology is the present-day equivalent of electricity in the industrial era, in our age the Internet could both be linked to the electrical grid and the electric engine because of its ability to distribute the power of information throughout the entire realm of human activity (2001: 1).

Of course there is another side of the change, related to data-collection, more and more intensive observation and technically more massive equipped control units, like military robots and intensified border control. In a general theoretical plane, it is obvious that information and communication technologies play a crucial role in the outcome of the contemporary social movements. The big question, that equally interests everyone involved in struggles throughout the globe regardless their political and social programs, is how.

This discussion will explore the ways that information and communication technologies can be used for political activity, and highlight the main controversies. Depending on participant interest, the explored topics can range from complex political issues such as ACTA, through organization of Arab Spring riots using Web 2.0 tools, to web publishing organizations such as stocitas and individual efforts.

Discussion organizers:
Petar Jandric (Zagreb, Croatia), anarchist academic and activist, predominantly interested in the relationships between anarchism, technologies and education.

A3yo (Hamburg, Germany), anarchist academic and activist, runs an anarchist blog, an archive of Eastern Europe material (zines and other d.i.y. media), and a small irregular distro.

Castells, M. (2001). The Internet galaxy: reflections on the Internet, business, and society (1st ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

17:30 – 18:30
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

Direct Action and Raid On Reykjavik Reloaded

Short movie (Raid On Reykjavik Reloaded, 2012, 35 minutes) shot in a beautiful exteriors of the Iceland capital Reykjavik and its surroundings. It tells a story of one of the biggest ecotage (ecological sabotage) in the history: on November 6, two activists of the movement for animal liberation sunk two whaling boats in Reykjavik harbour and destroyed whale processing factory. Both manage to securely leave the country. Besides significant economical damage to whaling industry they manage to focus international attention on the whaling issue. The movie focuses both on reasons, preparations and executing of action as well as on it´s consequences and the state of the whaling now.

The whole movie was done on the DIY principle with no sponsors and no grants. Original music for the movie was composed and recorded by members of the international political hardcore scene.

Directed and shot by Jan Hanus, author of Squat Wars and Food Not Bombs – Solidarity in Praxis

After the movie:

We do not want people just sit and watch. What we want is to talk about the thing in the movie, discuss. The illegal act that the movie is about raises the question of effectiveness and legitimacy of direct action which could be one of the subject of it.

18:30 – 20:00
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

Fukushima – one year later

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

10:00 – 15:00
(gallery Nova, Teslina 7)

Bookfair – come and have coffee or tea, look for the book you missed the previous days, and spend your Sunday morning in a pleasant company… That would be the closure of the 8th Anarchist Bookfair.


During whole bookfair there will be exhibition:
Predrag Pavic i Marko Vojnic Gin: Two artists

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