Switzerland: New anarchist library in Zurich

FERMENTO anarchist library

– Library (Lending and consultation)
– Archive (old and recent publications from several countries, documentation of struggles and people, etc.)
– Distribution (leaflets, posters, brochures, recent editions, etc.)
In German, Italian, French, English and other languages
– Photocopiers and work space
– Coffee, tea and other beverages

Opening times: Wednesday 17.00–21.00 / Saturday 14.00–19.00
Events will be announced via leaflets and mails. To stay updated, for questions and donations, please contact bibliothek-fermento@riseup.net

Location: 10, Rosengartenstraße, 8037 Zürich
Tram 13 to ‘Wipkingerplatz’ / Bus 46 to ‘Rosengartenstraße’
or Zug to ‘Bahnhof Wipkingen’

Opening on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 — 14.00 to 22.00

This library will be a meeting place; between freedom-loving people and ideas; between rebels of the present and rebels of the past; between social struggles here and elsewhere. A meeting place between all those who reject this society, which is based on the principle of authority, and the very idea of anarchy, which is based on solidarity and self-organization. Between those today who are looking for ways to fight their oppression, and for traces to these ways that others have already left behind. Between those who want to understand and revolutionize their local and international reality that produces more and more social conflicts.

Today, as more and more people realize that the emotional and material misery will only pile up, and that society has always been about that; today, as we experience how even more people demonstrate once again the courage to uprise against this misery, we want to open this library in order to give new space to an old question: that of social revolution.

And this question is not a cause of a party or an ‘organization’, absolutely not! It is the cause of us all, as individuals, all who are tired of politics’ deceptions, who no longer accept delegation, bosses or leaders. It is the concern of all who want to fight for their own ideas, their own perspectives and their own lives.

The books in this library should be neither goods for mere amusement, nor materials for mere study, neither old stories for an escape in nostalgia, nor ideologies in search of followers. They should be ferment, leaven of ideas that cause the social mixture to simmer and stimulate the thirst for action. They should be a tool; towards the subversion of the prevailing regime and the construction of free relations.

in Spanish, Portuguese —sources 1, 2