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[UK] Bang Up and Smash: Women’s Prisons, Probation and Bail Hostels

[New book] Bang-up and Smash  is an overview of women’s prisons in the UK, and a political analysis of their physical and ideological construction.

From the moment of arrest, to coming home, Bang-up and Smash critically engages with the procedures, concepts and apparatus the state relies on, and the economics behind the expansion of the […]

Bolivia: “Physical Fitness Training in Solitary Confinement Conditions” – Black December book out now

The book “Entrenamiento físico en condiciones de aislamiento [Physical Fitness Training in Solitary Confinement Conditions]” is out now, within the context of the international call for a Black December, a material intended for imprisoned and prosecuted comrades of the social war, a text with physical fitness workout routines and programs, an aspect so useful and […]

Athens: “Ink stains”, communiqué by SMED, base union of workers in the field of translation, editing, proofreading and subtitling in Greece

Note: Contra Info translation network is neither a collective of “certified specialists”, nor affiliated to the SMED itself, therefore only disseminates the following communiqué to make a very typical case of employer’s immunity in Greece wider known. Truism No.1 Melani (“Ink”) Editions delegated the translation of a book to a colleague, after having approved sample […]

‘Revolt and Crisis in Greece’ book now available online

read the pdf here

an Occupied London project

Profits from the sale of this book will benefit anarchist printing and publishing projects around the globe, including Rotta in Greece and AK Press in the US.

‘In the past, we have tried to describe Occupied London as an “anarchist collective writing on all things urban”. […]

Northern Ireland: 4th Belfast Anarchist Bookfair on 28th and 29th of April 2012

The 4th Anarchist Bookfair in Belfast, Northern Ireland, will take place on 28th and 29th of April 2012, from noon to 5pm at The Centre, Little Victoria Street, Belfast.

There is a range of meetings planned and a varied range of book stalls from a host of anarchist and radical publishers and organisations. There will be […]

Lisbon: Anarchist Bookfair – 25, 26, 27 May 2012

The 5th Anarchist Bookfair in Lisbon will take place from 25th to 27th of May, creating a space for debate, meeting and socializing, open to all.

The aim is to deepen and spread anarchist ideas, as a realistic attack on this exploitative, authoritarian and anthropocentric society, by encouraging independent publications, creating spaces for discussion and exchange […]

Switzerland: New anarchist library in Zurich

FERMENTO anarchist library

– Library (Lending and consultation) – Archive (old and recent publications from several countries, documentation of struggles and people, etc.) – Distribution (leaflets, posters, brochures, recent editions, etc.) In German, Italian, French, English and other languages – Photocopiers and work space – Coffee, tea and other beverages

Opening […]

Hungary: Solidarity appeal for the renovation of the Gondolkodó autonomous second-hand bookshop – winter 2012

The Gondolkodó Autonóm Antikvárium (Gondolkodó Autonomous Bookshop) is the only workers’ movementary distribution place, library and meeting-place in the East Central European region (namely in Hungary) which has been functioning continuously for many years (now for 19 years). Now this place must be renovated because the walls are wet and mouldy, the mortar has been […]

İstanbul Book Fair, November 12th–20th

From November 12th to 20th, we’re at the Altıkırkbeş stand with anarchist prints in the İstanbul Book Fair

If you come to the İstanbul Book Fair that takes place for the 30th time, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter anarchist underground editions at one section of the Altıkırkbeş stand. There will be hardcopies of Kıyamet, Asiye, […]

Occupied London and AK Press present: Revolt and Crisis in Greece

AK Press Publishing and Occupied London are proud to announce the forthcoming publication:

Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a present yet to pass and a future still to come

For more information, or to pre-order: |

How does a revolt come about and what does it leave behind? What impact does it have on those […]