Joint poster by the International Relations Commission of the Italian Anarchist Federation, and the Group of Libertarian Communists–Athens

in Greece and Italy, banks and government ministries are the enemies
In Greece and Italy, the capitalists and their political representatives produce barbarity. With the excuse of dealing with the budget deficit (a debt created entirely by them to recover their profit margins), they want to slowly take us back to the past century, when the wealthy possessed the natural resources, a day’s work was paid a mere pittance, the public social services were nonexistent, and only a few had access to education and health care.

In this way, step by step, the major part of society is condemned to an ever greater misery.

Even concepts like ‘democracy’ and ‘constitution’ no longer hold: in Greece and Italy, through real parliamentary coups d’état, the bosses have imposed new governments headed by technocrat experts.

Their objective is to impose, faster and faster, even more barbaric measures in order to ensure their subsistence and extend the dominance of their banks.

In Greece and Italy, the State does not hesitate to modify its own operating norms, but rather seeks to hinder, even proactively, the expansion of social resistance that arises in the streets and squares, by enervating and stifling its growth.

In Greece, in Italy and many other parts of Europe and the world, the bosses have declared open war on the society.

In Greece, in Italy and many other parts of Europe and the world, like a century ago, the self-organized, non-hierarchical and direct-democratic forms of resistance begin to expand. Among the people, faced with the barbarity of capitalism and the States, the libertarian hope grows.

We build communities of struggle in every neighbourhood, we spread radical practices of revolutionary syndicalism and direct action, and we support any social act of revolt and self-organization against dominant institutions. In Greece, in Italy and everywhere we strengthen our actions and prop up the struggles with internationalist solidarity.


[photos] No TAV, June 2011 – Rome, October 15th, 2011
Keratea, May 2011 – Athens, June 29th, 2011