[Barcelona] ‘They’re not workers, they’re thugs in uniform!’

Pamphlets found in the streets of Barcelona against the Catalan police, a repression force responsible for the murder of many people:

1/1-2012: A young man arrested in Manresa by the Catalan police, dies in hospital after being beaten while he was handcuffed.

7/1-2012: Death of a young man imprisoned in the Immigration Detention Centre (CIE) in the Free Zone, after national police agents denied him the medical care that he asked for…

And these are only the last two cases.

They who defend an order of misery with torture and murder are not workers, they’re bullies in uniform. We lift our heads in face of the assassins and the system they protect!
They who beat up protesters, torture and murder people in police stations, they who abuse and humiliate others, and defend an order of misery through intimidation and aggression… THEY’RE NOT WORKERS, THEY’RE THUGS IN UNIFORM!

libertarian Barcelona