We the tenebrous, we the terrorists (About the arson attack against fighters on June 7th)

Targeted attack with double recipient

On June 7th, at 4.30 after midnight an arson attack was acted out against my mother’s car that I drove lately, since the police refuses to return my vehicle after 14 months, which is held on the pretext of investigation. Along with my mother’s private car, a targeted attack took place against the motorcycle of my childhood friend and comrade who had the misfortune that I let the car to him for a few days.

The attack came shortly before dawn, just below my friend’s house which is only a block away from the police station of the neighbourhood. Specifically, a black car, Jeep type with tinted windows and no plates (reminds you of something?) stopped alongside the narrow street, where the co-driver got down and threw a large quantity of flammable liquid on both vehicles, having ensured to place rags soaked in flammable liquid at the headlight of the motorcycle while he left a large jerry can on the roof of my mother’s car.

This resulted in the burning down of both vehicles, whereas the great fire and the high heat caused also damage to a neighbour’s private car that was parked about four metres away. Needless to say that the police appeared at least ten minutes after the incident —although the multi-force police station of Nikaia is located only 50 metres afar.

It should be mentioned here that when my mother and my friend went to file a charge against persons unknown, the police department of Nikaia declined to register any complaint, and stated that the incident did not take place in its jurisdiction.

This arson attack had two recipients. On the one hand, it is a blow which aimed to terrorize the struggles and the fighters; on the other hand, it aimed to intimidate directly me and my close relatives and friends, in order to decline any resistance. They believe that this will be possible by isolating and terrorizing anyone who stands by my side. When this becomes unfeasible, the mechanisms’ vindictive fury reveals itself in all its glory.

At this point, I should add that I have been consistently harassed both in the past and the present via close watch over while there were threats against me but also against my intimate and social circle. In particular, this friend of mine has been systematically monitored, and they did not hesitate to threaten him that they will charge him with the heaviest accusations and to ultimately proceed to an arson attack below his house, where he lives with his partner and his only 2.5 year old child.

A man who pays the price of a childhood friendship and the comradeship that he showed while I was imprisoned.

Now draw your own conclusions.

Because I will not stop speaking out and resisting against the State and the mechanisms of organized violence, I declare them responsible for what shall happen to me, my family, my friends and my comrades.

The terrorism has not passed neither will pass.

Vaggelis Stathopoulos

Denouncement of the arson attack by G.Ch.

Before starting this denouncement, I wish to clarify that I am associated through childhood friendship with Vaggelis Stathopoulos whom they have tried to associate with the organization of the Revolutionary Struggle —with his comradely relations and his subversive action being their sole ‘evidence.’

For this reason, more than one year I’ve been under close observation in such a way that refers more to bullying rather than a hidden surveillance. I have been clearly threatened by the police in numerous occasions. I have been stopped in some demonstrations/gatherings, and have been told to either stop attending these, otherwise, legal proceedings or they will frame me up with heavy charges.

I have received ‘friendly’ recommendations even for wearing black clothes. Although I’ve been systematically monitored, this surveillance stopped ‘incidentally’ for 3–4 days.

All of a sudden, on the same day that Vaggelis let the car to me I stopped seeing policemen at the corners of my street. On Tuesday, June 7th, at 4.30am I heard from the first floor, in the apartment where I live, liquids flowing as if someone were emptying a bucket of water sequentially on the street. Within a few seconds, I saw from the living room of my home a huge flash that turned the night into day.

I got out to the balcony where I saw my motorbike and the car of my friend’s mother on fire. At the same time, in the nearby street I saw a black car, Jeep type with tinted windows and no plates; the driver yelled ‘quick! — quick!’ and a guy entered this vehicle right before they speed away.

Strangely enough, the multi-force police department of Nikaia which is just a street block away from my house, acted as if nothing had happened; policemen finally appeared about ten minutes later. When the fire truck arrived – thirty minutes later – both vehicles were entirely burnt. During the incident, the neighbours and I were trying unsuccessfully to extinguish the fire by using four hoses.

The arson and the subsequent big fire also damaged the rear cabin of a neighbor’s car which was parked at least four metres from the vehicles ablaze.

While the neighbours and I were striving to put out the fire so as to not extend further and the car of my friend’s mother along with my motorbike was completely destroyed, the police officers started to ask questions related to the arson. My answer was: ‘ask your Service; they know better.’

The next day, after I had already testified to the fire department, I went to the police station of Nikaia with my friend’s mother to file a charge against persons unknown where they told us that they had no jurisdiction on this matter.

For me it is a clear message with multiple recipients. It’s enough to say that I have no personal disputes with no one. I lead a peaceful day to day life and I live with my partner and my 2.5 year old child, for whom I am worried.


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