Heraklion, Crete: Anti-fascist street fighters against neo-Nazi scum

In the afternoon of Tuesday, May 31st, we heard that a group of neo-Nazis appeared in Analipsis neighbourhood in downtown Heraklion. In a reflex action, we gathered immediately at the spot and counter-attacked the neo-Nazis. A natural outcome of this direct action was those nostalgic for Hitler-era to flee, abandoning one from their group. We knocked only slightly the particular scum, merely because he’s too young.

This counter-attack is a part of our broader anti-fascist action rather than a single incident. As isolated racist attacks against immigrants have occurred in the past, we clearly state that we will not allow another public gathering of fascists or any kind of fascist presence in the city we live in.

We covered our faces on this action, taking self-protection since we know that there are surveillance cameras in the neighbourhood, and in order to avoid unpleasant encounters with possible snitches [rufianoi] or plainclothes cops.

PS. Most probably, confidentiality does not characterize the neo-Nazis since they talk too much during ‘friendly chats.’

Source: athens.indymedia