Inter-state preparations for ‘the enemy within’

The first recorded exercise for demonstrations’ suppression by the Greek army forces was held on 13 March 2002 in Veria (northern Greece). It was part of the 2nd Army Corps’ training, which was prepared for ‘pacification missions’ for the treatment of demonstrators. The pretext was the preparation of ‘pacification missions’ in order to handle ‘disorderly groups’ within civilian population.

Between 13 and 15 June 2006 in the 951th Military Police Battalion of Papagou (suburb of Athens) an exercise took place in order to ‘deal with demonstrators who, according to the scenario, were demonstrating against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and few of them attempted to pass the gate of the camp.’ Already since then, the Ministry of Defense had claimed that the exercise was held in order to treat demonstrators who would attempt to invade in a Greek army camp, in the framework of ‘pacification missions’ outside the Greek borders.

On 29 July 2008 an exercise took place in the military firing range of Nea Peramos in Attica; according to the General Staff of the Greek Army, this was ‘focused on divisions’ training during operations at populated places’, and in particular ‘Military Operations in Urban Land (SEAE).’ It was emphasized that the exercise involved ‘military actions that are planned in a land where manufactured structures such as shelters affect the tactical options available to the Commander.’ Furthermore, ‘they are conducted against the enemy who may have intermingled with civic groups.’

On 11 September 2008, in the army field Askos-Prophetis in Prefecture of Thessaloniki, the exercise of the European Army culminated under the name ‘Europe-P/2008’, where military forces (military police) chased ‘demonstrators’ for the purposes of the exercise’s scenario!

From 7 to 10 January 2010 an ‘exercise’ was held for the training of militias (paramilitary groups) in Polygyros, Chalkidiki; it was monitored and supervised by observers of the General Staff of the Army and the Hellenic Police. Organizers were the Training Shooting Centre of the European Parachute Union and the Chalkidiki Special Forces Club (i.e. retired commandos). Training was made at a ‘SWAT (special weapons and tactics) school’, with objects of ‘special forces of police services’. Fresh are the memories of racist slogans shouted by the Underwater Demolition Teams during the military parade of 25 March 2010, in the centre of Athens (see the incident’s video).

From a journal of the General Staff of the Army: ‘On Wednesday, 31 March 2010, a certification exercise was held to objects of repression -Crowd Riot Control- of the 3rd Special Motorized Company of the 646 Motorized Infantry Battalion at Camp “Marchal Tasigny” in Novo Selo, Kosovo, by the French Gendarmerie. In the certification exercise a significant number of chemical (teargas) and smoke-producing substances were used, so that the circumstances simulate a real situation, and it was quite successful.’

There’s small doubt what they are preparing. It’s certain they prepare it well. It’s also obvious which class is their target.

Article from ‘vida’ [βίδα] brochure
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