The contribution of the right-wing student union in general strike

Wednesday night in Volos was particularly enjoyable.. After a day that began with safeguarding the strike at Volos’s  industrial zone and went on with the demonstration of 2000 people, we thought of “cancelling” the concert that DAP(rightwing student union) intended to organise at the university with a pop singer. It was going to begin at 22.00 so we went at 5.30, to prevent them from bringing the sound equipment. We tore down all their posters and put on the central entrance an announcement that said : due to tecnhical problems the concert is cancelled.

Very soon 150-200 people came there. Just before 18.00 a bouncer paid by DAP came to see was was going on and proposed us to enter the concert for free! . 15-20 minutes later two other came together with 25 students of DAP. There was a pointless talk with them and they threatened that if we didnt find a solution through talking, we could do it “another way”.. Then, some leftist students called the doyen , who after a short talk decided that the concert was to be cancelled, and that DAP could do it only after 24.00 that the occupation of the university was to end.

While this was happening, some people brought  sound equipment to organise a party,and we had a quick talk, deciding to keep the occupation until 00.30-01.00, and that if the DAP students came with bad intentions we would be ready.  Finally they didnt show up and they ‘ll have(?) their concert on Monday.

This was a win. A win against all those who bring sponsops and security guards in the universities. Those who while the university is occupied try to organise their disgusting commercial concerts, soaked to skin with their fascist mentality.

No sponsors or bouncers in the universities.