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December 11th, Athens: anarchist demo in response to the “crisis”

On Saturday, December 11th,  a gathering and a demonstration took place in central streets of Athens, organized by “Anarchist Assembly” in response to the crisis and its effects on society.

Around 1,000 people marched on the frozen streets of Athens shouting slogans against the state, corrupted unions, bankers and state repression. Also, slogans were written on walls and buses, many leaflets were thrown and hundreds of texts were distributed to local and migrant passengers while many of them cheered the demonstrators. The cops, present as usual, were following confused as they didn’t know the exact route of the demo but no conflicts occurred. That was the first anarchist demonstration clearly on the issue of crisis and social precarity that the power creates. Next demonstration will take place on Wednesday 15th of December when general strike has been announced.

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