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Text distributed at thessaloniki schools for the general strike on December 15th

We are all students, working peole, unemployed, precarious, some teachers, and all of us always learners.

We all live in a world where injustice and exploitation prevail.

We want a world with the values of respect, of solidarity, of social self-management, without any racial or other segregation, with no sovereignty.

We struggle in our workplaces, our neighborhoods, our universities, our schools.

Our means are  strikes, base-unions, occupations, demonstrations, road blockades, popular assemblies, our anti-ierarchic organisation.

We live in a world of disaster and alienation, dreaming of a reality with no masters or bosses.

Teachers and students fighting together for a different life.

To make school our libertarian meeting place.  It is a lesson we all have to teach and be taught.


Make it a real general strike. Stop production.
Everyone on the streets. Everything is ours.
Either economy or society will be saved.

Libertarians                                                        the text in greek, here

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