Thessaloniki (northern Greece): Οccupation of the Union of Daily Newspapers Journalists of Macedonia–Thrace building

On Wednesday 11.10.1910 at 11.30 am, an occupation of the ESIEMTH building (Union of Daily Newspapers Journalists of Macedonia – Thrace) took place in Salonica, in solidarity with the comrades Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou and the 5 “wanted” persons for the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” case.

Banners were hanged in front of the building and the entrance and after sending several faxes, 40 people left on structured marching after 45 minutes, chanting slogans and holding banners, to the Navarino square (a central square).

The text we sent by fax to several news agencies, newspapers and channels is the following:

Worthy of your role, you pimps…

1/11/2010 two more comrades arrested by the pigs of DI.AS. after the ignition of a trapped parcel in a courier office in Pangrati (central Athens) and the announcement of the existence of other parcels later on. On the same day, photos of 5 more comrades persecuted for the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” case, were published in all media.

And the well-known journalistic vomit starts.

We know very well what you are for years now. This does not mean that we will let any bastard to earn surplus value talking about our comrades, it does not mean that we remain silent towards the patchwork of conservatism and filthy scandalmongering that we watch taking place every night at 8 o’clock, where the TV cannibalism wears its kind and the recurring Hollywood type movie comes back on screen …

Reporters of every type, from financial analysts to physiognomists, go on an unconditional TV orgy. They deposit their deepest concerns about “where does this situation lead to” sometimes with the cordial suspense for the astray children and other times with anger against the “uncontrollable terrorists”.

Everybody has a place in this journalists’ and anti-terrorism police’ feast. From the extreme right-wing to the left and progressive tabloids and from the well-known fascist assholes -direct reporters with a glorious history from the 12th floor (anti-terrorism police floor) of police headquarters- to the versatile reporters, worthy minions of their bosses. The “TV trials” come back with all the details about the lives of the comrades, statements of relatives, neighbors, employees, witnesses and of course cops, in an attempt to create the profile of the “hard core”.

Within all this, the parastate father Makis Triantafyllopoulos (famous “journalist”), who has surpassed himself this time, decides to criticize the other journalistic assholes from the position of an impeccable journalist. A failed attempt to stand out of the journalistic cesspool. Comedy has its limits.

And a special mention for the local Macedonia (newspaper and press organization of north Greece), that has a brilliant history in squealing and flirting with the fascist ideas, could not stay out of this sewer. The failed attempt in sarcasm of the revolutionaries do not ridicule our comrades, but those who invented it.

And one more thing.

We know that “you’re not all the same.” For every 9 bastards journalists, minions of their boss, there may be one who wants to do real research and to highlight some interesting issues. But as this one chooses to work and be part of the corporate media, the only thing he achieves is to reproduce the dominant propaganda “on democratic pluralism” and “respect of the other opinion.” Every hip documentary in SKY (Greek TV channel) or any “subversive” article in Eleftherotypia (popular daily) simply legitimize the other 49 pages and 23 hours of brainwashing, filthiness and spectacle.


Greek text: