Carlo Giuliani

We haven’t forgiven the death of Carlo Giuliani; an Italian activist born in 1978, he was one of millions of protesters who participated in the Genoa’s demos against the G8 leaders’ violence. Comrades had witnessed his assassination by Italian riot police’s Carabinieri in 20 July 2001.

After nine years, still no justice is served. Just this year, 2010, the case ‘Giuliani and Gaggio v. Italy’ was referred to the Court’s Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights. If you follow the link above, you’ll read the outraging summary description of so-called ‘Principal facts’, including: ‘As to the officer who had fired the fatal shot, the judge took the view that he had fired into the air without intent to kill and that he had in any event acted in self-defense in response to the violent attack on him and his colleagues (sequence of photos of the Giuliani’s mord here).

(What does this remind us of? Statements made from Greek authorities in regard of the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos, which led to December 2008 Uprising in Greece. Alexis Kougias, the lawyer defending Epaminondas Korkoneas, the police special guard who shot dead the teenager in Exarchia, central Athens, in 6 December 2008, argued in court that the fatal bullet was fired into the air and not toward the victim.)

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