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[Greece] “Proper Is Theft”, from the 4th issue of the Barbarian review

Wondering about “anarcho-tourism”, and my (A)-experience of Greece, I’d like to focus on a non-glamourous part of it. Not that I am not interested in the demonstration techniques, or conspiracy theories, or terrorists’ accusations, nor that I want to be the boring one either. Moreover, it is a complicated task to get some […]

[Netherlands] Impressions from Pinksterlanddagen 2014

Over the bar in the main building of the camp: “First a cup of tea, then the revolution”

Inside the main building: “Drinking workers don’t think. Thinking workers don’t drink” [picture and quote of socialist Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, who sympathized with anarchism in the late 1890s]

From the 6th to 9th […]

Athens, Greece: ‘The Barbarian’ #3 out now

The Barbarian Anarcho-Tourist Review

Click image to read the third issue (1/2014).


Ten bread rolls four red apples a green apple a banana dozens of sandwiches rolled in aluminum foil

We try to save what can be saved from this crooked world scavenging your garbage cans scavenging your tourist life

Do you need any towels? Do you need any toilet paper? we ask while diving deep into consumers’ leftovers

My […]

Athens, Greece: ‘The Barbarian’ #2 out now

Click image to read the second issue (2/2013).

The Barbarian Anarcho-Tourist Review

Greece: ‘The Barbarian’, the anarcho-tourist review from Athens is out now

Click image to read the first issue (1/2013).

The Barbarian review

Catalonia: For the extension of the Black February campaign to Barcelona

To all who desire to stand in solidarity in a coordinated or spontaneous fashion when combative squatting and its self-organized methods are in danger; to all who see clearly the parallels of repressive logic between what is happening in Greece and what is happening here in the same historic moment; to all who see the […]

And let us ask: why shouldn’t tourism be stricken?

In late 80s and early 90s, the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and other left parties and organizations in Turkey run big campaigns against tourists’ visiting in the particular State. Their concept was simple: tourists from wealthy European countries or North America cannot come and lay their money down in a State where there are thousands […]

‘Beneath the Acropolis we go on strike…’

Approximately 100 ministry contractual employees barricaded themselves inside the Acropolis site overnight on Wednesday, 13 October, demanding two years of back pay and permanent contracts. They padlocked the entrance gates and refused to allow in tourists. Guardians of the Acropolis site (Athens, Greece) work in behalf of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism either […]