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Few aspects of the ongoing struggle on the streets of Brazil

Finally the Brazilian metropolises are living the moments that they haven’t seen since long ago. Since the beginning of June 2013, hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of dozens of cities in the context of a struggle against a fare hike for public transit, as well as the devastating consequences of […]

Germany: Sabotage on ticket vending machines in Hamburg

We do not pay anything! Neither for dependency and exploitation, which enhance profiteering, nor for the crisis of a system that oppresses us. In the early hours of Wednesday, March 21st, 2012, we sabotaged 18 ticket vending machines across the city and set fire to one vehicle of the Hochbahn (which operates the underground railway […]

Brazil: Brief notes on an ongoing social war

On Monday, February 27th, the prosecuting authorities of Rio de Janeiro attempted to intimidate activists associated with the wider social movement against the increase in public transportation fares. Specifically, political activists were summoned to appear in the 76th police department of Rio de Janeiro, after circulating a video via Internet which propagated the ideas of […]

Actions against fares raises and control in public transport

Lately, apart from the significant cuts in wages and the monstrous laws that the government and the IMF pass,  there are tremendous increases in the prices of products and services. Of course the government wouldn’t let public transport fares out.

Apart from the increases of rail fares in National Railways (double prices), the […]