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Santiago, $hile: Banners hung in the context of the call for a Black February

The first banner reads an extract from the text ‘Of individualism and rebellion’ by Renzo Novatore (in Il Proletario, v.4, Pontremoli, September 17th, 1922):

Do you want to judge me? So be it! But you will never judge the real me. Instead you will judge the ‘me’ which you will have invented. But while you will believe you have me between your fingers and crush me, I will be up there laughing from a distance!

The second banner reads:

Active solidarity with anti-authoritarian spaces of the world…
Duel to the death against the establishment!

And the third one:

Long live anarchy!


Greece: ‘Chaos just around the corner’ –by the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Theofilos Mavropoulos

(Italy, Mexico, Greece)

On Wednesday, June 13th, the international anti-anarchist campaign under the name ‘operation boldness’ was set up. The Italian antiterrorism forces of ROS and carabiniers were put under the command of the Inquisitor-prosecutor of Perugia Manuela Comodi, and proceeded to arrest eight anarchist comrades. In parallel, investigations are conducted against other comrades as well (among them are the comrades of Edizioni Cerbero).

We neither know the details of the case, nor are we lawyers to speak the language of documentary evidence or not. All we know is that the world’s police want to strike down the new anarchy.

Judges, prosecutors, interrogators and antiterrorism cops want to kneel down and chain in handcuffs the indomitable insurgents that illuminate the nights with their rebellions and paint the cities with the colours of a lasting anarchist insurrection.

However, all we anarchists of praxis, nihilists, chaotics, and antisocialists have definitively crossed the point where any return to the peace of normality is no longer feasible. The new anarchy looks like the tidal outburst overwhelming countries, borders and languages. Comrades that we haven’t ever met with each other, who do not speak the same language, and thousands of miles, barbed wires and prison walls separate us, are laughing and fall into melancholy with our shared joys and sorrows, and our anarchy burns like the light of one thousand suns that erupt in the frosty night of the crowd.

The world’s police want to strike down this very international rebellion. It is no coincidence that, shortly before the ‘operation boldness’, antiterrorist forces in Bolivia proceeded to arrest people in relation to FAI-Bolivia attacks. It is by no coincidence that the ‘operation boldness’, apart from affecting the eight anarchist comrades in Italy, expanded to Germany and Switzerland, setting its sights on the already imprisoned comrades Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch. These alchemies of cops were carried out at the precise moment that our two comrades are on the verge of release after 18 and 21 years in prison, respectively.

But the performance of the prosecutorial marionette M.Comodi does not stop here. With the ‘operation boldness’ six of us, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire comrades, are under judicial investigation due to the correspondence we had with some of the arrested comrades.

Naturally, the wire-pullers of the Greek terror unit did not miss the opportunity to talk about their supposed contribution to the ‘operation boldness’ by alleged information collected from monitoring e-mails between us. Of course, their Italian colleagues never gave a confirmation of that, since the alleged information via e-mails (included in the Italian case file) was translations of political texts that have been published in the anarchist counter-information networks Culmine and ParoleArmate.

But, in order not to leave even one inch of suspicion of legalistic ‘excuses’, we make it clear that: Regardless of the judicial inquiry, we declare that we support all FAI-IRF insurrectionist violent actions with all our rage and heart.

We are wholeheartedly endorsing every word from FAI and carry it within us, seeking ways to make it into praxis from our own hands. FAI-IRF was, is and will be the essence of the lasting anarchist insurrection. We support, promote and participate in the informal anarchist federation–international revolutionary front (FAI-IRF).

However, the enemy’s propaganda and military-police operations, such as the ‘operation boldness’, in addition to arrests, are aimed at constructing a climate of fear. They wish to convey the fear of prison and the image of the all-powerful police, so as to suspend the new anarchy’s warfares against the system.

What’s important to us right now is to fight fear. It is our own way to go first on the counter-attack. “This means to sink the knife further into the heart of the enemy, without fear of the consequences that this entails, with the fury and iconoclastic joy that we always carry with us, in our smiles and in our eyes” (Tomo – Brother Comrade under judicial investigation in the context of the ‘operation boldness’)

We don’t look back, we fix our eyes only straight ahead…

Let those who got afraid, or tired, descend now from the train. There is no return ticket. Neither Delay, nor stopovers… We are clenching our hands into fists and walk against our era, having our comrades as brothers and sisters.

“Enough, enough, enough!
As the poet transforms his lyre into a dagger!
As the philosopher transforms his probe into a bomb!

It is time, it is time — it is time!
And society will fall.
The fatherland will fall.
The family will fall.
All will fall after the Free Man is born”

Renzo Novatore

Giuseppe, Stefano, Elisa, Alessandro, Sergio, Katia, Paola, Giulia

to our brothers Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch

The imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF of the first phase
And anarchist of praxis Theofilos Mavropoulos


PS. At the time of writing these words, bad news reached our ears. In Mexico, the anarchist comrade Mario López was wounded when an incendiary device he was carrying went off.

Mario López was arrested, while prosecution has been exercised against his companion Felicity Ryder.

Our brother Mario López, in the public letter he released from the hospital where he is being treated, claimed responsibility for transporting this incendiary device, stating that as anarchist he is at constant war with the State and Power.

We hear his voice… A steady, happy, angry voice…

We nihilists, who bear the fire in the icy solitude of the crowd, are the anarchoindividualists that kill the silence of the mute mass; we are the chaotic anarchists of praxis that have the stars in our eyes and hearts. The five arrows of the symbol of the FAI and the Conspiracy show the point where everything becomes real. The point of a lasting anarchist insurrection…


“Never defeated, never repentant!”

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see also Dark Nights #22 and Anti-One, as well as the
Assembly of solidarity with the R.O. CCF and
those prosecuted
for the same case/Athens (
contact mail: sal.spf[at]gmail[dot]com)

Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks by the Revolutionary Groups of Terror Dispersion (CCF/FAI-IRF)


The following extract is dedicated to anarchist revolutionaries Yannis Michailidis and Dimitris Politis, who are wanted by the authorities for suspected participation in the anarchist revolutionary organization CCF and will never give themselves up! May our fires give you strength and our ashes hide your traces, brothers.

“When I look around me, I get the urge to vomit. On one side, the scientists who I am supposed to believe so as not to be ignorant. On the other side, the moralists and philosophers, whose commandments I am supposed to accept so as not to be a brute. Then comes the Genius that I am supposed to glorify and the Hero before whom I am to bow, moved.

Then along come the comrade and the friend, the idealist and the materialist, the atheist and the believer and an infinity horde of defined and undefined apes who want to give me their good advice and finally set me on the true path. Because—of course—the path I walk is false, as my ideas, my thoughts, my entire being are false.

I am a false man. They—poor lunatics—are all obsessed with the idea that life has called them to be priests officiating at the altar of the greatest missions, since humanity is called to the greatest destinies…

These poor, pathetic beasts, scarred by sham ideals and transfigured by madness, could never understand the tragic and merry wonder of life, as they could never see that humanity is not really called to any great destiny. If they had understand any of this at all, they would have at least learned that their so-called likes actually have no desire to break their backs bridging the chasm that separates one from the other.

But I am what I am, it doesn’t matter.

And the cawing of these multicolored magpies only serves to brighten up my personal and noble wisdom. Oh, apostolic apes of humanity and social progress, don’t you hear something thundering above your phantoms?

Listen, listen! It is the piercing roar of my wild laughter that is rumbling overhead, in the heights!
[Renzo Novatore, under the pen name Brunetta the Incendiary]

First of all, we should make it clear that the aim of this analysis is not at all to formulate a theory. Instead, it is chosen as means for the diffusion of a revolutionary perception and basically aims at the practical establishment (–empowerment) of collective resistances against every authority, in the same way that Power weakens personal relationships and decontextualizes everyday life.

In this historical conjuncture, capitalism finds itself in turmoil and the internal equilibrium of society in fluctuation. The mechanisms inherent in the system to ensure its reproduction and self-counterbalance are now operating more intensively. Thus, the States, as the basic mechanism that exists to ensure totalitarianism, undertake to enhance all means of practical and indirect enforcement at their disposal.

As expected, more and more social groups come face to face with the loathsome side of Power within this condition. This does not mean that individuals process their experiences in the same way. So far, few are those who have realized the truly inhumane nature of capitalism; its malicious soul. Fewer are those who have the balls to liberate themselves in practice—albeit briefly—from the suffocating frameworks of Power. For this reason it is absurd to believe that a change in the world, a world revolution is possible just like that. Nevertheless, the war against all authority exists and will last forever as long as even one human still feels restricted and escapes from his/her prison.

We set our own course through the chaotic authoritarian plexus which expands into society. The aim is to eradicate in practice the deepest notion of restriction that we can identify in each circumstance. To achieve this, we choose actions regarded as extreme in the context of social ethics. Urban law has remained the same as the law of the jungle. After nearly 4,000 years of evolution of civilization, the humans haven’t yet managed to surpass, not even with their logic, the truculent play of law of the strongest. We therefore attack the existent with rage, not to win a fight that will prove superiority, but to tear down the existent completely. We declare, with our every praxis, war on anything that enhances or represents the fucking Power, striving to meet our desires this way. Because we understand that there is no other way to take freedom back than the ceaseless struggle inside and outside the boundaries of self.

Where you stand, dig deep and pry!
Down there is the well.
Let the obscurantists cry:
“Down there’s only – hell!”

[Friedrich Nietzsche]

In the night of Saturday, May 12nd, in Athens, we chose to strike a vehicle of the Hellenic Post (ELTA) which was parked on Cyprou Square in the district of Holargos, with a simple incendiary device consisting of 1.5 liters of gasoline, as well as the Church of Aghios Ioannis (St John) at the intersection of N.Dimitrakopoulou and Petmeza streets in Makrygianni neighbourhood (near Filopappou Hill), using 3.5 liters. The ELTA van was completely destroyed, while extensive damage was caused to the house of God. These actions were gagged by the mass media. As for whether they were made, no doubt about that, as evidenced by the ashes we left behind in the locations in question. Whenever we carry out this kind of actions or we break other laws, whenever we break the social imperatives, dissolving the predetermined boundaries between us to create honest relationships, we are happy because we break free. What matters most is the natural consistency in our acts. Furthermore, we assume that there is a need to publicly declare our revolutionary actions as well as our way of living, our practices and the value code that we ourselves have created, and “dictates” that we follow this personal route towards the realization of the self; towards the highest level of consciousness of human Potential.

Oppugnancy is a source of knowledge. A human can realize the wretchedness of the existent by calling it into question. However, in order to incarnate and turn this oppugnancy into a useful weapon against the enemy, dignified bold and combative people are required, who have well-aimed plans. The revolutionary violence exercised by these people can, under the given circumstances, be considered the most direct and effective undertaking. This is because, to us, “sane” political positions are not a mere conciliation with the enemy but a war in which, instead of conversing with your enemies, you stab them with your knife.

Finally, we want situations to get exacerbated. We want to be faced with the archons of the world. We are aware of the enemies’ power, and we do not expect them to show compassion or understanding towards us. We want every single one of them to remain an enemy, an obvious persecutor. Thus, as for what concerns our action our public statement enables everyone to find clear reasons for each praxis we’ve realized, if he/she so wishes. We do not seek coalitions or associations with any undignified person that denies his/her own personal momentum. We neither make compromises, nor spend our lives as miserable beings. We want the wealth holders to call us thieves pissing their pants in fear.

Inside and outside the walls, solidarity amongst anarchists of praxis exists and relies upon the joint intention of our acts: to head towards the culmination of our ideas with a flaming step.

Consequently, this communiqué is dedicated specifically to Rami Syrianos—who conducted a victorious hunger strike from 15th to 21st of May, 2012, demanding the removal of the special regime of detention that had been imposed on him by the humanguards in the correctional facility of Nigrita in Serres—and also to all dignified prisoners.

Continue to hold strong, comrades, always consistent with your values. We will endow you with many explosions yet to come.


Long live the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
Long live the Black International

PS.1: We must let the imprisoned members’ cell of the R.O. CCF know that, in the prior period, we chose inconspicuousness because we have been in search of techniques and infrastructures. We remain forever firm in our choices and in quest of new accomplices.

PS.2: As for Roberto Adinolfi, CEO of the power engineering company Ansaldo Nucleare, which is a subsidiary of Finmeccanica, a colossus in the aerospace and defense industry, we wish him nice rides in wheelchair and strolls in crutches. He will now have ample time to consider the results of his choices.

Olga Cell, we thank you!


Greek original / in Italian

Note: The name Επαναστατικές Ομάδες Διασποράς Τρόμου, organization of the second phase of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, has also been translated as “Revolutionary Groups for the Spread(ing) of Terror”.