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Chilean prisons: Subversive prisoners go on hunger strike, in solidarity with anarchist hunger strikers Juan, Nataly and Guillermo

Comrades, we inform:

That as subversives who inhabit the High Security Prison (CAS in Santiago), from 00:00 today, May 18th 2015, we join the hunger strike that Juan Flores, Guillermo Duran and Nataly Casanova have assumed as a form of struggle.

We do this with a deep sense of anti-prison solidarity, and we put forward the same demands as our comrades, who have already completed 34 days on hunger strike:

– The immediate release of Enrique Alfonso Guzmán Amadeo, taking into consideration the ridiculous accusation and delirious evidence presented by the public prosecutor.

– We demand the immediate solution to the situation of our compañera Nataly Antonieta Casanova Muñoz, because since her arrival at the penitentiary of San Miguel she finds herself in a regime of punishment and severe isolation.

– We demand an end to harassment and persecutions that the repressive forces have unleashed against our closest environment.

– That the scientific validity of DNA evidence be established.


Against Every Authority: Social War.

Combatant Youth, Permanent Insurrection
So Long As Misery Exists, There Will Be Rebellion

Marcelo Villarroel
Freddy Fuentevilla
Carlos Gutiérrez
Juan Aliste
Alejandro Astorga
Hans Niemeyer
Alfredo Canales

High Security Prison
Santiago, Chile

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Santiago, $hile: Responsibility claim for incendiary action against the jailers

Door with minor damage (unfortunately not the whole of the device was ignited)

The days of this hot summer go on and on, and most people are still withdrawn, thinking about where they’ll go for a vacation. Meanwhile, Power and authority don’t rest, incarcerating Mapuche brothers and warriors in southern Chile, perfecting repressive laws, and meeting in ostentatious political-business summits like the CELAC 2013 [a summit of Latin American and Caribbean business and political interests in conjunction with the European Union]. And us? We go into the streets to give life to insurrection, with our lives under stress, conscious that there are and always have been individualities that will not adapt to this sick society, and make every second of their lives an attack against the oppressors.

And this is the challenge: to give life and continuity to the anti-authoritarian insurrectionary offensive, support and reinforce complicities, reactivate the attacks, and with our contribution ignite the fire of insurrectionary and liberatory action through revolutionary violence!

Conscious of the fact that discussion and dialogue between affinities should start with action, during the week that spanned the 28th of January to the 3rd of February we attacked a property belonging to the Chilean Gendarmerie, located on San Francisco street just before Avenida Matta, to one side of a juvenile prison (SENAME) and a few blocks from where our anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales was killed in action in 2009. We attacked with an incendiary device, which left some damage at the door of this torturers’ lair — since it didn’t come out in the Press, we’re sending photos. This property of the Gendarmerie is linked with the supposed social action of the jailers and their collaborators, promoted through institutions like the Evangelical Church of the Chilean Gendarmerie and the Prisons’ Confraternity of Chile, an institution that on the Internet defines itself as the creator of incarceration projects ‘in which the inmates live, without hunger strikes, without riots or escape attempts; instead they are living out their prisonization in peace and harmony while repaying their social debt with spiritual aid.’ Continue reading Santiago, $hile: Responsibility claim for incendiary action against the jailers