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Greece: Anarchist comrade Vaggelis Koutsibelas sentenced to 15 years in prison

The trial against anarchist Vaggelis Koutsibelas started on March 6th, 2013 in the Larissa mixed criminal court. The comrade has been remanded for almost a year, accused of a string of arson attacks that took place in the city of Trikala during March and April 2012.

In the first day of trial, the defense lawyer refuted […]

Trikala: Another letter from imprisoned Vaggelis K.

On Saturday, December 29th, 2012 solidarians spread a text of comrade Vaggelis Koutsibelas on the occasion of his upcoming trial. He has been on remand since the 5th of April 2012, accused of committing a series of incendiary attacks with gas canisters in the city of Trikala. Below is his short letter from the D2 […]

Trikala: A letter from prison

Good evening, comrades, from the D2 wing of the Trikala closed prison.

Autumn 2012 saw a lot of action in this particular wing. In September, we stopped working in our section but also in almost all the prison wards. It was a massive protest, in which all prisoners participated, that resulted in […]

Athens: Night street fight in the neighbourhood of Exarchia

At about midnight on Saturday, September 8th, a group of comrades who were in Exarchia heard that about 100 meters away from the neighbourhood’s square, on Stournari street and opposite the entrance of the Polytechnic School, clashes had started between two groups of people. We walked down there with others to see what was going […]

Greek prisons: On the occasion of recent events in Trikala prison

In mid July we heard from the TV news bulletins that the police have arrested three correctional officers in Trikala prison on charges of importing drugs and other hard-to-find staples into prison. We are shocked by the lack of esprit de corps in the police force and particularly those police officers that cynically […]

Greece: 41-year-old anarchist remanded in custody, accused of arsons in the city of Trikala

On Tuesday, April 10th, at 8pm, a PA’s gathering will be held in Rigas Fereos Square, organized by the anarchist group ‘Pyrakanthos’ in solidarity with Evangelos K., who is remanded in custody accused of involvement in the incendiary devices’ case in Trikala. Already prior to his pretrial detention, the cops tortured him in detention rooms, […]