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March 1st, 2012 —Day of NO TAV actions across Italy (and beyond)

NO TAV —Highway under evacuation (second round) 1-3/2012 00.42 GMT+1 The assembly ended. The next meeting was scheduled for 18.00pm in Bussoleno.

00.40 News came in the assembly about a NO TAV activist admitted to hospital with a broken leg.

00.27 According to eye-witnesses’ reports in the assembly, cars of NO TAV activists were damaged […]

Italy: NO TAV resisters continue the blockades, also in response to the fall of comrade Luca Abbà who is still hospitalized in critical condition

February 28th, 2012 _ 21.00 GMT+1 Luca’s health condition update from live radio: logically reserved prognosis; a comrade managed to stay with him for an hour; today they have woken him up a bit; he responded to limb mobility test; moderate optimism; more 2–3 days of alert _

28-2/2012 Antonio Manganelli, chief of […]

Val di Susa, Italy: Clarea mountain hut evicted, authorities’ land expropriation and a comrade hospitalized in extremely serious condition

In the morning of February 27th the eviction and demolition works at the Clarea mountain hut (meeting place of NO TAV resisters in Susa Valley) began along with transport of construction material and authorities’ land expropriation.

At around 8.30am Luca Abbà, a NO TAV activist, climbed an electricity pylon trying to slow down the military-industrial […]