Reykjavík: NATO memorial tarred and feathered

reiceived 3/25/18

Reykjavík, Iceland
March 25th 2018

Yesterday, on World Afrin Day, a memorial for the cooperation between NATO and Russia was tarred and feathered in Reykjavík, Iceland. The memorial has, since 2002, disgraced the city’s face — a constant reminder of Iceland’s humiliating submission to superpowers and military alliances. With the silent approval of Russia and NATO, Turkey now attempts to crush the Rojava revolution with full force — killing and displacing men, women and children. To no-one’s surprise, objections on behalf of a handful of Western states have been both weak and hollow, as they obviously care more for their friendship and liaison with fascist Erdogan than the just and egalitarian society he currently attempts to bring down. Their cowardice and spinelessness will put them and us to everlasting shame. A memorial for the very cooperation which allows Erdogan to trespass and murder should have no secure place — neither here nor anywhere else.

Anarchist Iconoclasts, Comrades of Haukur Hilmarsson (Sahin Hosseini)

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