Porte Alegre, Brazil: Police raided several houses and anarchists spaces in the eve of Anarchist Bookfair

Anarchists houses and social spaces are target of a big police raid this morning in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. The police apprehended lots of political material and claim that this is evidence of participation in several attacks. No one was arrested at this point. We need to spread this information

Police raided several houses and anarchists spaces this morning in the eve of Anarchist Bookfair in Porto Alegre

This wednesday morning Police raided several houses and social centers in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. They were searching for evidence for an ongoing investigation on anarchist activities. The police states that those adresses are connected to a group allegedly responsible for arson attacks against police cars, headquarters of political parties, police
stations, banks and car dealers. Some people were detained, but later released and police action was ruthless with people living in these spaces.

Overall 10 search warrants were released, and in all of those anarchist material (such as books, zines, posters and banners) masks, computers, spray cans, and other objects like plastic bottles were aprehended. Police said those PLASTIC (!) bottles were being prepared to be used as molotov cocktails. Not even cops are that ignorant to believe you can do molotovs with plastic bottles and no flammable liquid. In fact those bottles were meant to be used as recycled bricks in bioconstruction

They are trying to put through accusations ranging from homicide attempt to organized crime without any evidence that connects the targets of this investigation to the alleged crimes. Like many times before, they plant evidences and distort the facts so the public opinion takes care of judging and condemning with no proof at all. They try to cement severe accusations with circumstancial evidences like owning books or other anarchist materials.

This police action happens only two days before the 8th Anarchist Bookfair here in the City, in a clear bully action meant to desmobilize us.

We write this report to call for all solidarity with the persons affected by this police operation. The repression is not local, neither is limited to spatial bounderies. Either in Europe, with the recent repression against those involved in demonstrations against G20, or in the kidnap and murder of our comrade Santiago Maldonado in Argentina, we will be together fighting those State advances. Our struggle won’t be bend, tamed or stopped.


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