Germany: Message from imprisoned comrade Thomas Meyer-Falk to the protesters against the Hamburg G20 summit

For a society without prisons!

Solidarity and affectionate greetings from prison! When the representatives of the G20 nations meet in Hamburg, the elite of the prison companies, which are represented by Merkel, Trump, Putin and Erdogan, will also meet.

Now, at this moment, many tens of thousands of prisoners in Germany, France, UK and Turkey are behind bars, as well as millions in the US, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc!

And also in Hamburg right now are thousands of people in the prisons of the supposedly ‘free’ Hanseatic City [Hamburg’s full name is Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg]. To make room for even more, a detention center for up to 400 extra prisoners was built. 100 judges volunteered to legalize the arrests by police during the summit.

Whoever attacks the G20 also attacks the prison-industrial complex. A system based on exploitation and oppression. A system in which the police, the judiciary and the economy work hand in hand. A system that intimidates and permanently removes people from the political process, but still ‘recycles’ them economically.

To all of you in Hamburg, for active and combative hours and days!

Hearfelt greetings from Freiburg’s prison

Thomas Meyer-Falk
(Long-term prisoner since 1996)

via insurrectionnews

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